About Us

At L.D. Lee Construction, we look at development and construction with a unique focus. From concept development to daily operation of the facility, we choose to represent the Owner’s interest in constructing each building.

Taking the approach of a long-term Owner’s Advocate, rather than a short-term contractor, L.D. Lee Construction is proactive in protecting the Owner’s investment.  We know that this results in a seamless project and a completed asset that meets the expectations and needs of the Owner. The attention given to every detail will maximize the return on the Owner’s investment by minimizing delays and miscalculations during the design, bid, and construction phases of the project, and position the facility to maximize its fullest potential in the daily operations after opening.

L.D. Lee Construction streamlines the process of construction through its approach.  We have developed management systems successfully through dozens of construction projects.  We provide a continuous presence in the decision-making process to insure that all decisions support the Owner’s stated intent for the facility.  Utilizing this approach, we have a proven track record of reducing the cost of asset ownership, both during the design and construction phases and throughout its operation. This is accomplished by reducing the risk of change orders, delays, mistakes, and cost overruns.  The price of contracting with L.D. Lee Construction is minimal when considering the savings that will be realized in construction, timeliness, and the operating expenses of your facility.

L.D. Lee Construction offers important strengths: experience, leadership, trust, accountability, organization, and innovation. Our team is comprised of individuals experienced in construction and well-connected within the industry. Our approach to construction is far more comprehensive than that of our competitors. Our approach reduces the number of individuals with whom the Owner must interface and increases control over the process and the project.  Our practical experience within the industry will guide your decision-making during the development and construction phases and provide a smooth transition for the operation of your facility.

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