The first step insuring the success of a new business venture is to make sure that the building in which business is to be conducted is placed in the appropriate location.  This is especially true if that business is a hotel, apartment, or corporate housing.  We offer site selection services to our clients as a part of our turn-key approach in assisting with creating a successful facility that will be both profitable and provide an exceptional guest experience.

After selection of the appropriate site, it is important to have a team that knows how to work with city and county entities to insure that the needs of the facility can work within the current ordinances and laws that exist in the area of the project.  This information gathering, along with the input of experienced engineers and architects, gives our clients confidence that they are not purchasing land that cannot be used for purposes intended within the timeframes and budgets set forth.  This crucial step prevents unpleasant delays and cost overruns that often make a project unfeasible.

At Lee, our team has more than 90 years combined experience in site selection, development, and entitlement of commercial real estate.

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